May 31, 2020



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All the Good Things (8)

It’s hard to know where to start. This week has been horrific domino after domino – culminating in the unrest of so many cities across the country this weekend. Unfortunately it’s nothing new and that’s the problem. The events of this week reflect the long-standing systemic injustices that still exist for black people in America. As a white woman, I know the burden falls on my shoulders to examine the ways in which I uphold white supremacy. I have a lot to learn and unlearn. I have a lot of listening to do. It is also my responsibility to call on white people around me to do the same work. White silence is white violence.

For the past 7 weeks I’ve used this blog on Sundays to share All the Good Things I found during the week – podcasts, books, music, articles, recipes & more. This week I want to amplify the voices of black Americans and share resources to enable white people to get to work. Let’s seek out the education. Let’s listen. Let’s get uncomfortable. Let’s do better.

  • I’m still working through this workbook by Layla F Saad. I’ve shared it here before but it absolutely deserves another share. It’s a very good place to begin the work within yourself. (Layla F Saad)  
  • If you’re white and you plan to show up and stand in solidarity at protests, read this article and consider how you may lend the most support without causing harm. (American Friends Service Committee)  
  • Read: “How White People Can Be Better Allies to the Black Community” by clicking here. “our hurt and our feelings in response to this atrocity won’t do any good unless we use them for something bigger” LET’S DO THE WORK. (Wit and Delight)  
  • If you haven’t seen The 13th yet – go watch it on Netflix today, or watch again. This documentary from Ava DuVernay looks at the criminalization of African Americans. (Netflix)  
  • I’m still digesting this article by Ibram X. Kendi titled, “The Greatest White Privilege is Life Itself.” (The Atlantic)

Social Justice Organizations & Educators to follow on Instagram

  • @innocenceproject
  • @ajplus
  • @blacklivesmatter
  • @iamrachelricketts
  • @ihartericka
  • @rachel.cargle
  • @healthyhoodchi
  • @chicagovotes

Books I plan on reading when I finish Me and White Supremacy

Black-owned Chicago Businesses to support


Sending love to you all. Stand up. Stay Safe. Do the work. Be well.


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