June 28, 2020



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All the good things (9)

Hey friends! Happy Sunday! What’s the 411? Does anyone say that anymore? Am I an old woman trapped in a soon-to-be 29-year-old body? Probably. Definitely. But still, I want to know how you’re all doing. Let me know in the comments. This pandemic is still happening, and we gotta check on each other.

Hopefully you are happy and healthy… enjoying summer as much as possible… speaking of which, let’s just jump right in with this weeks “good things” and let me share some exciting news…

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  • Summer Picnic Sessions!!! During July & August I will be offering a limited amount of these special sessions and I am excited to see how people use this fun opportunity! After hearing my friends say things like “we try to do date night at home, but we miss going out” – and hearing parents say “it’s hard to come up with new, safe, fun things to do as a family during the pandemic” – I thought, why not offer a special kind of photo session to solve these woes?! Summer Picnic Sessions is what I came up with. There are so many ways you can make this your own – bring champagne to toast your anniversary, bring cards and games to play, bring books to read with your kids, and of course – don’t forget the picnic basket & snacks! Email me to claim your spot: kate@katekaplanphoto.com

  • If you have a thing for Jane Austen, I highly recommend the new adaptation of Emma. It’s funny in that understated way that Brits are great at and I personally love. I think the reason I enjoy Jane Austen’s stories so much is because they are about people and relationships, human imperfection and miscommunication, and lessons learned. Is there anything more interesting and layered than the human experience?

  • A couple weeks ago I shared a podcast episode of You’re Wrong About and this week I have to mention it again because I have been completely immersed in their multi-episode discussions on the OJ Simpson murder trial. The hosts are super funny and also incredibly smart in the way they dive deep into topics in an effort to tell us something we don’t already know. Start here, with their first episode on Nicole Brown. (You’re Wrong About)

  • Today is the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. The riots that began on this day and lasted several days after, are what many point to as the beginning of the gay rights movement. This is why we celebrate Pride in June, people! Read this 1969 account of the historic event. (The Atlantic)

  • This week I made my go-to vegan chili in the instant pot. It is so easy, quick, and delicious every time. My only suggestion is, stick to the recipe when it comes to spices. For some reason I was a little heavy handed with the chili powder this time and it made for a really spicy chili. Start with the recipe and then make adjustments from there based on personal preference. (Yummy Mummy Kitchen)

  • Glimpse the life of a top Economist in this podcast episode of Armchair Expert. This week, Dax chats with Jeffrey Sachs (ranked as among the three most influential living economists by The Economist). I could read you this guys impressive resume but I’ll just share that his unique approach of solving big money problems will leave with a new view on the world and it’s possibilities. (Armchair Expert)

Have a fabulous week!