October 6, 2020



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University of Chicago Wedding | Elizabeth & Michael

This wedding was so wonderfully unique & sweet. For Elizabeth & Michael, the University of Chicago Campus was the perfect place to be married. On a quiet Sunday morning, they made their vows & I have to say – they were probably the most honest and lovely vows I’ve heard. Michael told a beautiful story that made me ugly-cry. Luckily, I was wearing a mask so hopefully no one noticed.

Not too long after they started dating, Elizabeth gave Michael a gift that was “creative & beautiful, just like she is”. This gift was a hand-crafted bouquet of paper flowers. After Elizabeth explained that there was actually a note written within each petal, Michael hesitated. He knew that to read the notes he would have to deconstruct the beautiful gift. He decided to open one petal – it said “you make me smile”. He was very touched and happy to know this. But he hated the thought of taking apart the bouquet. So he decided that he would only take off a petal and read it when he really needed to… when he needed to be reminded of why they were together, or after a fight, or if he ever felt doubts. Then he said, “5 years later and I still have not opened another petal”. AND THEN I LOST IT. I mean I think I held myself together pretty well, I didn’t want to distract from the moment. But seriously, isn’t that just straight out of a perfectly written love story? These are the moments I feel so lucky to do this work. I get to photograph such special human connections. I’m so grateful to have been a small part of Elizabeth & Michael’s wedding day.