September 27, 2020



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all the good things (17)


It has been a rough couple weeks with a lot of not good news. We lost a great one, RIP RBG. Justice most certainly has not been delivered for Breonna Taylor. It’s all very on brand for 2020 but this is getting heavy. So we need these good things. Like really need them. Please take what you need & start anew tomorrow.

  • There’s a saying in Sweden “ There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” I love this Nordic notion of open-air living described in this NatGeo article. I can’t think of a better time to learn to embrace the chill & get outside anyway. (You know, because there’s still a pandemic going on and winter is coming). (National Geographic)

  • Loving these suggestions for the weekend. Poetry, short stories, a tour of America through photographs – I can dig it. (The Atlantic)

  • I made this 15-minute Garlic Butter Ramen dinner a few nights ago & it was SO GOOD. With 6tbls of butter how could it not be? So yeah, it might not be the lightest of meals in terms of calories BUT it is easy, fast, and delicious. Plus, next time I plan on throwing a ton of veggies in, which will at least make it more nutritious. (Half Baked Harvest)

  • I haven’t started listening yet but I’m very intrigued by this new podcast from WBEZ Chicago: Motive. “To understand the white supremacist movement today, look at the last time wave of hate pulled in young Americans. Look at the neo-Nazi skinheads.”

  • Did you know that Joanna Gaines has a line of Magnolia Home Paint with Kilz? I did not. Until yesterday when I was very happily surprised to see it at my local hardware store. We’re trying to find the perfect white for the main living are of our new house & it’s more challenging than it sounds. True White from the Magnolia Home collection just might be perfect. (Joanna Gaines, Kilz)

  • I think now is a great time to revisit this 2014 article by Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Case for Reparations. “Until we reckon with our compounding moral debts, America will never be whole.” (Ta-Nehisi Coates for The Atlantic)

  • ICYMI: Fleet Foxes dropped a new album this week & I’m in love. It absolutely sounds like them, but with some new… Andrew Bird-like additions that show their growth & make it something truly new from them.

Sending you a virtual hug & wishes for a good week!