November 15, 2020



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All The Good Things | 18

Hello friends! I feel like it’s the millionth month of 2020. You know? You know. After a necessary break, today I’m back sharing all the good things I’ve found this past week. There’s something for everyone this week. You can escape if you need to, indulge if you need to, and of course keep listening and learning – because you do need to keep working to be anti-racist – as we all do.

  • Recently I made this Cinnamon Apple Puffed Pancake for breakfast & it was a good move. My husband & I actually aren’t apple pie people – but we were still big fans of this dish. Warm & not too sweet… it was a totally comforting & easy fall breakfast. (Half Baked Harvest)

  • Reflecting on this election (not that we’re past the drama but…) it’s pretty clear how divided the nation is & At the idea of democracy is feeling pretty tenuous. There is a valuable lesson in this article: What Black History Should Already Have Taught Us About the Fragility of American Democracy. (The New Yorker)

  • I was feeling a bit gloomy a couple days ago & so I just HAD to start decorating for the holidays. Normally I am one of those people who can’t justify Christmukkah decor until after Thanksgiving but not in 2020. I needed the holiday cheer like now. Using a few different items I made a DIY version of this wreath. Linking the items I used here, here, and here. (Modern Glam)

  • I listened to the first few episodes of this podcast & loveeee it. In Do the Work, they focus on real issues of race as they come up in relationships, interviewing the people involved. I found it to be refreshingly honest & approachable. Definitely worth a listen. (Do the Work, Spotify)

  • In preparation for a quiet winter, snuggled up with my dog, I’ve been compiling a book list. I’m starting soon with The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. After that I’ll be looking here for recommendations.

Be well, friends. Sending virtual hugs to you.