September 13, 2020



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Happy Sunday, friends!! How are we? Listen, today is a day for taking a break. Do some things for you. Sure, I have to work… but maybe you don’t. Maybe you can revel in the crisp, fall air… and check out these good things I offer you…

  • Somehow, it’s the middle of September already & it really is starting to feel like fall as the temps start to drop here in Chicago. I’ve got several favorite recipes I turn to this time of year & this sweet potato breakfast bake might be the one I’ve been looking forward to the most. (40 Aprons)

  • Please listen to this audio from the film I Am Not Your Negro by James Baldwin. You can also see the film on Netflix. I found it best to watch the film & then listen to the podcast from Making Contact. It’s alarming how relevant Baldwin’s words are today, 70 years later. (Making Contact, Spotify)

  • If you’re looking to renew your faith in democracy & find some feelings of hope on this Sunday… read this article from The Atlantic.  “Our collapse is so complete that the field lies open—the philosophical questions brought on by despair allow us to reimagine what kind of country we can be.” (George Packer, The Atlantic)

  • Big thanks to Brittany for leading me to this band: Korine. I’m loving their latest album! If you’re into Bauhaus or The Cure, you will enjoy Korine. Oh man, now I want to make a playlist…

  • If you’re pressed for time this fall (calling all photographers) these Trader Joes individual pot pies are a must for dinner. Warm & comforting, these are so easy to put together with a few items from TJ’s.

  • I’ve never been one to dive deep into classical music. However, I LOVE an opportunity for a revelation. Reading this article about Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony made it approachable & gave me some context so I could properly experience this famous piece of music.

Go forth & have a lovely week, my friends!