January 10, 2021



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Hello friends! Welcome to the roller coaster that is life in the United States. I started off the week with so much good energy for the year ahead, making plans & getting pumped. Wednesday was a rude awakening to that vibe. What a ride this week has been. I’d love to get off now.

For me, a white woman, getting off the roller coaster might look like this: not addressing what happened Wednesday at the nations capital, chalking it up to an anomaly, drinking some wine, having a bath, tuning out because its “all just too much”. It is too much, but I can’t get off the roller coaster – or rather, I won’t. Technically I have the privilege to, but we’ve learned that lesson right? White complacency is the problem. So I am calling attention to it, I am speaking up about it on social media, I am listening to & sharing black voices, I am talking with my friends about what we can do and how we can hold each other accountable, I’m not looking away.

A lot of the good things I’m sharing this week are coming from black artists & voices. BIPOC deserve to be represented everywhere, including my little (mostly weekly) blog. As always, I hope you find something here that you’ve been needing…


  • I think on Wednesday a lot of us found ourselves asking “What the actual hell is going on right now?” Here is one view, and I’m listening: American Amnesia. Sorry Uncle Joe, this actually is America, it’s been the real picture of America for some time. If we’re shocked it’s because we weren’t listening to black people. (Evette Dionne, The Cut)

  • If you need a fun champagne cocktail situation for January 20th… this is the one: Citrus Champagne Sparklers! Let’s pop some bottles! Bye, Donnie. (Dash of Jazz)

  • Do you hate comparison culture? YAH me too. This was a good quick listen this week: Introducing Comparison Culture. (Women’s Health, Spotify)

  • I’m not really a resolutions kinda person… I believe you can & should love yourself as you are now AND also be in a growth mindset… but goals should come from your desires – not what this culture says you should be or want. So… I did find these articles helpful as I was trying to get inspired & plan for the year ahead: What Resolutions Look Like in 2021, and A Realistic Approach to Your 2021 New Year’s Resolutions. (The Everygirl & Coco Bassey)

  • Thanks to following Erika Hart I was introduced to the music of Jazmine Sullivan this week. It’s a vibe. I’m into her. This album in particular: Reality Show. (Jazmine Sullivan, Spotify)

  • After fully indulging all my delicious desires over the holidays… I need to get back to those foods that will nourish me, are so yummy, and make me feel so. so. good. No regrets guys, I am just feeling a need to be more mindful with my food choices… actually all choices but anyways… Going on my list to make next week: Curry Cauliflower Rice. – If that sounds good to you, ya might want to follow @sophia_roe on Instagram (Sophia Roe, Bon Appétit)

Have a great week!