January 3, 2021



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Friends! Happy New Year!!! 2020 was kind of a lot. I know the pandemic isn’t over but I am feeling much more hopeful about EVERYTHING as we move into 2021…

There’s a lot I could say about last year & my hopes for the future, but honestly I think it kind of boils down to this: I grateful to be here, I’m grateful for every opportunity to connect & feel joy, & moving forward I want to build on that gratitude for each moment as it is happening. And… whatever your heart is yearning for in 2021, I hope you get all that & more. Those are my feelings today in a nutshell.

(P.s. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks of Austin Powers anytime I hear “nutshell”?!)

Ok my friends, on to sharing all the good things I found this week…

  • I made braided Challah for the first time & I’m pretty amped on it. She turned out beautiful & tasted so perfect. The braiding was surprisingly easy to get the hang of. Give it a go!! (The Inspired Home)
  • Recently I was asked what I am doing for fun these days. Fun. In 2020. They don’t seem to go together, do they? When I think of fun I think of laughter and/or heart-pumping excitement. I realized that the most fun I’ve had lately is simply on the couch laughing with my husband. Luckily, he’s pretty funny most of the time. And we did spend a decent amount of time re-watching The Office (highly recommend this). If you haven’t yet seen this never-aired cold open for The Office – watch it now! Laugh & have fun. I insist.
  • To keep on that laughter train… I found this bit of writing to be so. so. funny. I was just loosing it as I read it to myself. Very much enjoyed. If you went to Harvard… I hope you can still laugh at this. Harvard Magazine Personal Advertisements’ Many Synonyms For “Rich” or “Thin”. Favorite bit: “Excellent at dressage on a regular-sized horse but could easily compete riding a much smaller animal, like a sheep, if the situation called for it” (The Toast)
  • I made a playlist of my favorite 2020 jams, listen on shuffle. I warn you, my tastes are all over the place. (Spotify)



That’s all I got. Happy Sunday, friends. Be well & share good things.