August 23, 2020



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I’ve been a bit MIA lately because… I took a little vacation! Plane travel and crowds are out (Covid), but road trips and camping are in! A few friends and I went up to northern Minnesota for some much needed time in the wilderness. Activities included canoeing, swimming, napping, reading, drinking, and lots of scenery enjoyment.

Since vacation I have found some very good things to share…

  • I made these Double Tree Cookies this week and holy crap. They’re yummy. Some chocolate chips, some walnuts, lots of goodness.

  • Listen to this podcast episode: Kamala, Joe, and the Fissures in the Base. I’ve got mixed feelings. But no one is perfect, and the important thing is to take a step in the right direction. Speaking of that, click here to make sure you’re registered to vote!

  • Louisville is entering its 4th month of protests after the murder of Breonna Taylor. Sign the petition to arrest the officers responsible. Donate to the bail fund to assist citizens who are protesting the killing of Breonna.

  • “The Vanishing Half” by Brit Bennett is going on my reading list after reading this Vox article.

  • Even though we’ve been living with this pandemic for 6 months now – that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re coping well. It’s ok if you’re still struggling. Here are some really lovely tips to help you take good care of yourself this week.

  • Ok, guys. Big news. We got a house! Yeah I still can’t believe it. There are still some more steps we need to go through but we are on our way to home ownership for the first time in our lives. The process has been a rollercoaster – but we are so grateful to even be able to do this. If you are hoping to buy a home in the next few years I highly recommend concentrating on getting your credit score in good shape and learning as much as you can about the process ahead of time. This is one podcast I found that has some great lessons to prepare you for homeownership!

Have a great week my friends!!