August 2, 2020



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all the good things (13)

Hey friends! We’re back! Last week was so busy for me, I just needed a break. And that’s ok. We all need to rest sometimes and rest is so important! In case you need to hear it (like I did last Sunday), it’s ok to rest, it’s good to rest.

Despite my demanding week, I still found some really lovely things. As always, take what you need and leave the rest!

  • In case somehow you haven’t heard about Michelle Obama’s new podcast… allow me to inform you… IT’S GREAT. (As predicted). In the first episode she speaks with her amazing husband, you’ve probably heard of him, Barack Obama. They are truly #couplesgoals. I loved them before, and I love them even more after listening to them talk for an hour about their hopes for a deeper sense of community in America. I wish they were still in the White House. (Insert crying emoji here). Go listen and be INSPIRED! (The Michelle Obama Podcast, Spotify)

  • For lunch this week I made this delicious Thai Quinoa Salad. It checked all the boxes: healthy, nutrient-dense, colorful, tasty… AND it provided a lot of meals! I think it ended up being about 6-7 servings. Perfect for meal prep. (Foodie Crush)

  • My husband & I are getting ready to buy our first house! It is exciting, and scary, and fun, and exhausting. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and effort. Luckily, I have a very thoughtful mother who listened to my emotional rambling and immediately ordered this book for me: 100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask. I haven’t finished it yet but it has been so helpful already! There’s just so much you don’t know until you go through this process. Learning as much as you can ahead of time will take a lot of the uncertainty out of the equation! (Ilyce R. Glink)

  • Lately my husband and I have been making our way through a list of classic movies we’ve never seen. We watched Rear Window the other night and afterwards we just felt compelled to make peanut butter cookies. When a craving strikes you gotta go with it. We made this recipe and they really hit the spot. (Shugary Sweets)

  • Calling all couples who are wedding planning right now!!! This article was a super fun read. As a professional in the wedding industry, I love to see other vendors who are looking for ways to do things differently. Ciara of Bash & Co. Events shares some awesome ideas and perspectives that inspire a unique event. Your wedding should be as unique as you are. (The Everygirl)

  • Have you heard of Edna Lewis? I hadn’t, but I very much enjoyed learning about her legacy through her friends & family in a recent podcast episode of The Splendid Table. Edna was a renowned chef & author who is known as a culinary ambassador of genuine Southern cooking. She passed away in 2006 but it’s very clear from listening to the podcast that she lived a life that was rich in food and friendship. This was a lovely listen & a wonderful tribute to a great woman. (The Splendid Table, Spotify)

I hope you have a truly lovely week! See you next Sunday!