May 17, 2020



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All the Good Things (6)

Shalom my friends!

How are we doing this Sunday? I’m crossing my fingers – hoping you are well & dwelling in optimism today. If you’re not quite there yet & you need a little help – then I am sending you a hug & making the humble suggestion that you go for a nice walk. I’ve been going on walks almost daily & it really feels like a treat every time. Sometimes it’s the best part of my day… & if you don’t believe me – read the article I’m sharing here in this weeks installment of Good Things. It’s science, people.

Ok. Here’s this weeks offering for you…

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  • Let’s start with yummy food, shall we? These Savory Ricotta Scones are truly mouth-watering & best devoured with butter, naturally. I did not have any fresh scallions but I used dried herbs & decided to add some sharp cheddar. It was a good call. Bread & butter remain my favorite things. (Life, Love, and Good Food)

  • For my husbands birthday last month I bought him Adventures On the Wine Route: A Wine Buyer’s Tour of France by Kermit Lynch, & he has barely put it down since. I must admit, I love knowing I’ve given a great gift. If you are into wine & learning about the history & culture – give this a read. (Kermit Lynch)

  • This playlist made by Lennon Stella is golden. Also Lennon Stella’s own music is never a bad call.

  • I swear I will not often use this blog series to push products BUT I have to tell you about this CBD muscle balm I recently got. I’ve been using it on my neck & shoulders & was pleasantly surprised when it actually provided noticeable relief! Plus, it’s on sale right now!

  • Dear friend, please go for a walk. Here’s why. Science tells us that daily movement is beneficial for our bodies AND our minds. I’ve noticed the benefits for myself – I always feel better after a walk. So get out there, & do take note of all the spring flowers while you go. (Shane Omara, Outside)

  • The podcast offering this week is an oldie but a goodie & discusses a topic we should all be more mindful of: Emotional Labor: The invisible work (most) women do. For yourself, for your mother, for your wife, for your friend… please listen & consider. It’s honestly really tiring work.

I hope you found something here that’s just what you need!

Be well.


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