May 3, 2020



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All the Good Things (4)

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Somehow this week felt a little more normal than the last 6 weeks. Maybe… I’m actually… kind of… getting used to this new reality. Maybe.

That’s certainly not to say I’ve got everything figured out & everything is cool – BUT at least I can say I felt pretty good this week. It’s a win & I’ll take it. Baking scones & leaning into what feels good has helped. Now, let me share some of the things that helped me have a feel-good week… I hope they help you feel good, too.

  • 90s Acoustic // Finding this playlist on Spotify was a nostalgic dream-come-true for this 90’s kid. There’s some old, predictable favs but also some more unexpected jams you for sure forgot about. Pour yourself a drink, lay on your floor, and have some fun with this playlist. (Spotify)

  • One Lake Brewing // This is a fav local brewery of ours and I have to admit we picked up food & drinks from them twice this past week! On Wednesdays their crowlers are buy 2, get the 3rd for a penny! Hard to pass up. So many local small business’ are offering deals these days & there is no better time to show them some love. Check out some spots near you & treat yo’ self.

  • Side Effects of Being a Boss (with Issa Rae) // A friend of mine brought this fabulous podcast to my attention: Small Doses with Amanda Seales. There’s tons of great episodes but if you’re a fan of HBO’s Insecure (like me) give this ep. a listen. (Small Doses w/ Amanda Seales)

  • DIY Radler @ home // I was inspired by my friend Abbey to make my own beer cocktails this week! She recently shared a video demonstrating several easy beer cocktails you can make at home. I was pretty pumped to discover that the combo of Coors Light and San Pellegrino Limonata creates a super refreshing radler! Don’t @ me about Coors Light, ok? Sometimes you need a no frills beer like that and Coors is my go-to cheap beer. The recipe Iinked is made w/ lemonade instead of San Pellegrino but you get the idea. (The Spruce Eats)

  • To my fellow workaholics and over-achievers // In this article, fellow photographer Katch Silva talks about “why we become addicted to the hustle, how it’s detrimental to our health and well-being, and how we can free ourselves from its grip”. As an entrepreneur, I often have thoughts of “how productive was I today? was it enough? can I relax now without feeling like I’m lazy and unsuccessful?” The feelings are pretty lame and not fun. If you struggle with these feelings, too – give this a read. (Katch Silva)

  • Maple Pecan Scones // Go make these scones right nowwww. Truly. They were so easy & yet they had the flavor & appearance of legit-fancy-bakery-scones. If you’re a slightly nerdy baker like me, you will be very intrigued by this recipes method of cutting in the butter. (The Cafe Sucre Farine)

  • The Way We Live Now, David // In this episode, host Dani Shapiro has a conversation with Rabbi David Ingber. Learn to sit with life’s big questions. Learn to be comfortable not knowing. This peace is more important than the answers. (The Way We Live Now, iHeart Radio)

Be well, my friends. See you next week…


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