November 29, 2020



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Hello, friends. How was your week? Bittersweet? Yeah, mine as well. Thanksgiving was different this year in more ways than one & it was not easy to keep a smile on. However, I’m thankful for the good health of so many of my friends & family. I truly believe next year we’ll be able to safely gather with our loved ones again & I am deeply holding on to that. Ok, enough wallowing… allow me to share some good things with you…

  • Holiday cheer starts now! Yes, it’s still technically November, but the Christmas Tree & Menorah are officially on display in our home! We’re pretty big fans of this time of year & we love a festive tune. To help get you in the spirit I’m sharing my Modern Holiday Playlist AND my Classic Holiday Playlist. (Spotify)  

  • A tradition has formed the past few years for my mom & I. We always binge watch The Crown together on or around Thanksgiving. This year we’ve had to continue the tradition by calling each other so we can “press play at the same time”. Not as fun but I’m still grateful we can carry on the tradition. The show is very well done in my opinion and raises so many questions – is the monarchy still relevant? Is it actually torture to be born into the monarchy?! Honestly, it seems torturous to me. But you’ll just have to watch & let me know if you agree. (Netflix)  

  • With watching The Crown, I decided to dive even deeper into Englands history this week with podcasts. Noble Blood explores the (often bloody) stories of histories most fascinating royals. I started with this episode about Henry the VIII’s first wife, & then listened to the tragic stories about the rest of them. Dana Schwartz does a marvelous job telling these tales. (Spotify, iHeartRadio)  

  • While I do believe we’re close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, this pandemic isn’t over. In the midst of so much uncertainty, having even small routines to depend on can make a huge difference. I found this article particularly timely: Pandemic-Proof Your Habits. (New York Times)  

  • Ok, so when I tell you that it’s imperative that you make this Potato Corn Chowder – please take me seriously. It was maybe the best soup I’ve ever had. If you’re yearning for something to sustain & comfort you these next few months – this soup will do it. (Together as Family)  

  • And finally, unfortunately, we (most Americans) sit on a thrown of lies. When we learned about the history of Thanksgiving as kids – we did not get the full story. While I’m not yet in the camp of canceling it completely – I do believe we should educate ourselves about this holiday & it’s real history. Let’s not allow the day to go by without acknowledging the dark side & giving to Indigenous communities. The Real History of Thanksgiving is Darker than You Learned in School (The Insider)

Stay safe, friends. As your mom might say, “Make good choices!” See you next week.