September 6, 2020



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all the good things (15)

I am fighting the urge to say “I hope this blog post finds you well”. But I do. I hope you’re having a good Sunday. I hope you are healthy & happy. And I hope you find some joy in the things I have to share here with you today.

It’s a busy time for me & I notice myself appreciating these good things more than ever. Finding time to listen to that amazing podcast & bake the insanely delicious cookies… well it makes the hustle worth it.


  • Honestly, you just need these cookies in your life A.S.A.P. These are quite possibly the best cookies I’ve ever made/eaten. I put in chopped pecans instead of raisins because raisins are dumb. Other than that I followed the recipe & ate way too many cookies. (Joy the Baker)


  • In moments of stress this week I turned to this playlist. Joni Mitchell, Sam Cooke, and Elton John… the gangs all here. (Spotify)


  • If you need an inspiring escape, watch Palm Springs this week. It’s kind of an updated take on Groundhog Day. The time loop aspect allows for a lot of fun & creativity. My husband and I cracked up and really enjoyed ourselves.


  • Please. Please. Tell me you are still committed to being an anti-racist and unlearning all the racist thoughts we’ve been taught. If so, here are 2 podcast series’ to compare, contrast, and learn a lot about race and the American school system. Nice White Parents and School Colors. (Serial, The New York Times, and Brooklyn Deep)


  • Lastly, check out this quick read: How Are Your Friendships Changing? by Harling Ross. (Man Repeller)


Have a lovely week, my friends!