July 19, 2020



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All the Good Things (12)

Hello friends! What a fabulous week. Some dear friends of mine got married this week! We gathered in a spacious backyard to celebrate & it made my heart so happy to be with my girls. There is a lot of downside to this pandemic, but one upside has been making more time to connect with my friends and safely celebrating together.

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OK, let me share some good things with you…

  • I think it’s often easy for entrepreneurs to feel like they’re alone in struggling to make their dreams come true. Being and entrepreneur is rough sometimes. Everything is riding on you… always. This article is a nice reminder that burnout is normal – & that we have to keep going. Finding your voice is important. (The Everygirl)

  • Pine nuts are expensive. Ridiculously expensive. But you don’t have to let that stop you from making fresh pesto & enjoying it with some whole wheat pasta. You just need almonds! That’s right my friends, basil pesto with almonds. Not the best choice for a first date (because garlic) but a very good choice otherwise. Try it out! (My Recipe Magic)

  • Have you experienced the true joy that is The Great British Bakeoff? It’s so pure, & lovely, & I just want to move to England. So yeah, watch that, but also… this week I discovered that the hilarious Sue Perkins has a podcast!!! I listened to her chat with Florence Pugh and they are very funny ladies to say the least. Quite an enjoyable listen.

  • If you haven’t been watching Barry on HBO – what are you doing?! It’s pretty special. I truly feel like it’s something different & refreshing – not comparable to other things on TV right now. A simplified description would be to call it a dark comedy – but you’ll have to see for yourself!

  • This recipe for Charro Beans has become a staple for us. Delicious, easy, & affordable. It should probably be a staple in your house, too. I don’t eat meat so I omit the bacon in this recipe – not exactly traditional but the flavor is still great! (The Complete Savorist)