July 5, 2020



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Dear friends, how are we doing? Melting? Me, too. But that’s ok, I’ve got some really good things to share with you this Sunday. As always, I invite you to take what you need and have a lovely week. When the future is unclear all we can do is the next right thing. That’s right guys, I watched Frozen II this week and honestly those lyrics feel so timely. Who knows what the rest of 2020 holds? All we can do is make choices that feel right with the information we have right now. In case you need to hear it, you’re doing just fine my friend, keep going.

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  • A new friend shared this very interesting article with me this week: “The Changing Definition of African American”. When we make judgements and expect people to exclusively fit into the definitions we set on them, we do the world a disservice. People are not one thing. We need to stop treating each other as such and instead ask “what is it like to be you?” and “how do you define yourself?” (Ira Berlin, Smithsonian Magazine)

  • Have you seen Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat on Netflix yet? If you have not – go watch it! I kind of love Samin Nosrat and her unmitigated excitement for flavor. She also has a very endearing laugh. If you can listen to her laugh and not smile – I’m worried about your heart. Samin, if you’re reading this, please be my friend. This week I listened to Here’s What Else You Knead to Know Today, an episode from the Home Cooking mini series podcast. It’s fun and informative. I could listen to Samin & Hrishikesh talk food allllll day. (Spotify, Home Cooking)

  • Friday afternoon I was (predictably) craving chocolate. I decided to look through my recent baking pins on Pinterest and found the perfect recipe. My birthday is 7/6 so of course I had to make these Birthday Cake Cookies. Brown sugar, butter, chocolate, and sprinkles? Yes, yes please. Happy Birthday to me! (Parsley and Icing)

  • Continuing our efforts to become anti-racist… a dear friend shared this podcast ep. with me this week: Anti-Racist Thought Work for White People. Host Kara Loewentheil usually focuses on overcoming social conditioning as it effects women. In this episode she specifically speaks to white people and explains how we can use thought work to uncover our own biases. This is important work because as Layla F. Saad explains in her book Me and White Supremacy, “You cannot dismantle what you cannot see. You cannot challenge what you do not understand.” (Spotify, Unfuck Your Brain)

  • I feel a little guilty sharing books I haven’t finished yet… but you know what? I often take a while to finish books. I love reading, but I don’t always make time for it and sometimes I’m just not in the right headspace. I’m still making my way through Harry Potter book 2 and Me and White Supremacy. So here we are. I still wanna share this book that I have read halfway: Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. This book stands out as being unique in writing style as well as storyline. There’s humor, warmth, mystery, complexity, and adventure… and that’s just so far!

Lovely friends… have a great week!